Terms and Conditions

Licensing and Other Questions

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The means by which the software (airports) are distributed, refunds are issued only due to certain conditions.

  • Fraud: Are based on conversation through email.
  • Duplicate order: (usually accidental) purchasing 2 copies of the same airport or you didn’t remember you had already bought the product.
  • Accidental purchases: Full refunds will be issued.
Technical Issues

If the user is unable to figure out their technical problem, they will be given a full-refund if they are under the 15-day purchase period.

PayPal disputes and Issues

If users are found to be charging back payments or engaging in common PayPal disputes then the customers accounts and purchases will be disabled/destroyed.


This software falls under copyright law, buying a copy of any
airport grants a license for one user. Only for personal use and
single commercial use only.

No parts of any packages can be redistributed without permission
from the author.