[XP] KTPA – Tampa International Airport

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*NOTE*: The free SAM plugin is required for this airport to work. It’s responsible for jetway movements. You can get it here.


  • 2020 Airport layout
  • High-resolution textures taken with high-res cameras
  • Surrounding Autogen Hand Placed
  • High Resolution PBR Ground Textures
  • Sam Custom High detailed jetways (specific per airline and airside)
  • Compatibility with VStates Florida and ORBX True Earth Florida
  • Freeware Downtown Tampa optional
  • Animated car traffic, monorails, SkyConnect (using groundTraffic plugin)
  • Thousands of handplaced tree types (palms, oaks, spruce, etc.)
  • Baked Ambient Occlusion
  • Animated Ground Traffic Vehicles
  • Taxi Networks and OPS File for World Traffic 3 and Traffic Global
  • 3D Airport Vehicles
  • Custom Mesh
  • Easy Installation
  • Highly Optimized
  • 3D Grass
  • High-res 0.5ft/Color Graded Satellite Imagery
  • HDR Lighting


  • X-Plane 11
  • Windows, Mac or Linux
  • 4Gb VRAM Minimum – 8Gb+ VRAM Recommended


48 reviews for [XP] KTPA – Tampa International Airport

  1. Avatar

    chris (verified owner)

    always a great experience & awesome airports. looking forward to what mid to large airports are next.

  2. Avatar

    Chris Longo (verified owner)

    Love it! My home airport.

  3. Avatar

    Sunny (Omnitube1) Cadmus (verified owner)

    You are the man!!!!

  4. Avatar

    Julio Sosa (verified owner)

    The best scenery!

  5. Avatar

    John Bartlett (verified owner)

    Always great. Love the new website.

  6. Avatar

    Eric Sennholz (verified owner)

    Over the top with this airport. This is a must have airport. The detail is incredible. Congratulations Vertical excellent job.

  7. Avatar

    Joe (verified owner)

    Great work!

  8. Avatar

    Eugene Emond (verified owner)

  9. Avatar

    Jeremy Matthews (verified owner)

    Excellent detail and no noticable performance hit. Another fantastic airport scenery by VerticalSim.

  10. Avatar

    David Bruce (verified owner)

    Very Highly detailed and accurate rendition of the airport with plenty of immersion with the surrounding towns and city of Tampa to make this package come live. Attention to detail is easily noticed. Easy buy in my opinion.

  11. Avatar

    Captain K-Man (verified owner)

    Oh no! The lawn care professionals actually mowed the grass at KTPA! I am gonna take off 3 stars for that! *rolls eyes* Airport is perfection. Don’t listen to the 2 star wonder reviewer down below. This airport is amazing! Vertical put 2 years of life into this and it shows in every little detail! Worth the money! Perhaps the most worthy airport of that price tag. $26.99 for a tiny little one strip airport in Europe with view buildings is criminal and worthy of a 2 star review. This is well worth the money! Great work sir!

  12. Avatar

    Zdenek (verified owner)

  13. Avatar

    Dennis K. (verified owner)

    Loading that airport has caused my FPS to drop from around 35 FPS to 19 FPS. I tested at KTMB and then KTPA using the same aircraft.

  14. Avatar

    Larry Lacina (verified owner)

    This is one beautiful rendition of KTPA on par with FlyTampa’s for P3d. It is looks really good with ORBX TE Florida and Verticalsim’s freeware Tampa city! Performance was excellent with all settings cranked!

  15. Avatar

    Bill Barrette (verified owner)

    The level of detail is insane

  16. Avatar

    Fahad FAHAD (verified owner)

    very good work thanks

  17. Avatar

    Michael S. (verified owner)

    Smooth & easy purchase experience; Outstanding airport scenery.

  18. Avatar

    carlos bustillo (verified owner)

  19. Avatar

    Roman Flores (verified owner)

    Beautiful scenery

  20. israel m.

    israel m. (verified owner)

    Always the highest quality scenery and this is by far his best creation. Well done ..

  21. Avatar

    Sean Jordan (verified owner)

  22. Avatar

    Willie S. (verified owner)

    Outstanding scenery!

  23. Avatar

    Everett (verified owner)

  24. Avatar

    Samuel Georgeon (verified owner)

    All I can say is WOW! Very nice scenery. Please make a KMIA Scenery.

  25. Avatar

    Robert Å. (verified owner)

  26. Avatar

    Alex M. (verified owner)

    Outstanding attention to details. I enjoy everyone of your airports

  27. Avatar

    David (verified owner)

    Very nice detailed airport with good performance.

  28. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well first, the required addons needed for this scenery was very confusing and took me a good while to get installed and in the proper place. Then when I loaded the scenery, it was extremely glitchy. I would try if I were you to make downloading Airport scenery less complex than this was.

  29. Avatar

    William H. (verified owner)

  30. Avatar

    Scott Frank (verified owner)

    The level of detail for Vertical’s Tampa is second-to-none! This airport is easily worth the cost! The commitment to the development of this international hub really shows! A new favorite for me in my long list of payware airports! Top notch, Vertical has just upped his game, ten-fold!

  31. Avatar

    Ramachandra (verified owner)

  32. Avatar

    Terry Dye (verified owner)

    Well done

  33. Avatar

    Anthony Quinn (verified owner)

  34. Avatar

    joe (verified owner)

    As usual, top notch and beautiful scenery! Thanks Vertical Sim!

  35. Avatar

    Tyler Little (verified owner)

  36. Avatar

    Thomas (verified owner)

  37. Avatar

    Kenny Myers (verified owner)

  38. Avatar

    Paul (verified owner)

    Not surprisingly the heaviest in terms of FPS of the VS sceneries but excellent. I am a Vulkan user incidentally.

  39. Avatar

    Robert (verified owner)

    fantastic airport scenery and with vstate it made it so easy. the mesh/elevation on the airport makes it so realistic

  40. Avatar

    Patrick F. (verified owner)

    Top Draw Scenery. No “Blocky” buildings, very nice textures. Didn’t see any frame rate problems with high 4K settings. Going to put KTPA on my “Fly To” list.

  41. Robert Nix

    Robert Nix (verified owner)

  42. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    The scenery is amazing! The only thing that brings it down to 4/5 is that the night lighting really hit my fps from the high 30’s and low 40’s down do 19-25 fps. Great work other than that!!

  43. Daniel M.

    Daniel M. (verified owner)

    One of the best X – Plane 11 Sceneries out there!

  44. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  45. Avatar

    Thomas Schneider (verified owner)

    well done, no problems – as allways

  46. Terris Bynum

    Terris Bynum (verified owner)

  47. Avatar

    Ingo (verified owner)

    Best scenery supplier out there. Looks amazing, very well priced and no FPS impact. I hope you keep supporting XP11.

  48. Avatar

    Scott (verified owner)

    An incredible rendering of the real airport.

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