[XP] KMSY – New Orleans International Airport

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-Fixed purple taxiline bug
-Optimization X2
-Removed edgelights near gates
-Fixed SAM jetways
-Updated better grass texture
-Better ground textures
-Fixed some of the taxi routing
-Compatiblity with Vulcan (11.50)

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*NOTE*: The free SAM plugin is required for this airport to work. It’s responsible for jetway movements. You can get it here.


  • 2020 Airport layout
  • Low poly 3D interior
  • Surrounding Autogen Hand Placed
  • High Resolution PBR Ground Textures
  • Sam Custom High detailed jetways
  • Downtown New Orleans Included
  • Animated Sea traffic
  • Baked Ambient Occlusion
  • Animated Ground Traffic Vehicles
  • WT3 Taxi Networks and OPS File
  • 3D animated ground workers
  • Easy Installation
  • Highly Optimized
  • 3D Grass
  • Color Graded Satellite Imagery
  • HDR Lighting

  • X-Plane 11
  • Windows, Mac or Linux
  • 4Gb VRAM Minimum – 8Gb+ VRAM Recommended

73 reviews for [XP] KMSY – New Orleans International Airport

  1. Avatar

    Stephen S. (verified owner)

    Really good looking high detail airport

  2. Avatar

    恒毅 向 (verified owner)

  3. Avatar

    Stephen S. (verified owner)


  4. Avatar

    (verified owner)

  5. Avatar

    Greg Smith (verified owner)

  6. Avatar

    Victor C. (verified owner)

    Amazing scenery by an amazing developer. We have needed a good KMSY for a long time and you all have now delivered. Very happy.

  7. Joseph Rocco

    Joseph Rocco (verified owner)

  8. Avatar

    NED J DAIGLE (verified owner)

    My grandfather (Eastern, National Airlines Mech, my father (Chicago & Southern, Delta Airlines Mech and me National Airlines, PanAm agent and reservations.It’s beautiful, Thanks made my day

  9. Avatar

    John Bartlett (verified owner)

  10. Avatar

    Roman Flores (verified owner)

    As aways asome scenery by vertical

  11. Avatar

    Yang Dongchan (verified owner)

    Very nice wonderful ^^

  12. Avatar

    gabriel gomez (verified owner)

  13. Avatar

    Julio Sosa (verified owner)

  14. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Avatar

    William Moffatt (verified owner)

    I get better frame rates in New Orleans than I do over the ocean. It would be nice if you could give night textures to the cities. Very nice airport and scenery.

  16. Avatar

    John Dunnick (verified owner)

  17. israel m.

    israel m. (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting to get a better scenery for my hometown and VS has done what he died best. From the casinos to other parts of downtown made me miss home. Hope there will be more updates in the future. Just an awesome job!

  18. Avatar

    Cody Knox (verified owner)

    i love this new airport. Awesome job putting it together

  19. Avatar

    Kayden (verified owner)

    Great Airport

  20. Avatar

    Steele C. (verified owner)

  21. Avatar

    Neil Roberts (verified owner)

  22. Avatar

    Thomas Adam (verified owner)

    can’t say coz I haven’t even downloaded the item yet…thanks

  23. Avatar

    Leale Jackson (verified owner)

  24. Avatar

    Colin Shirley (verified owner)

  25. Avatar

    Andrew Greaves (verified owner)

    Scenery isn’t working. Scenery loaded with just grass and no buildings

  26. Avatar

    Thomas (verified owner)

    Does NOT work; XP 11.41 will not load the scenery nor state WHY.

    Instructions are sparse at best, and any good experienced XP simmer knows, “just dropping the KMSY custom scenery into the costom scenery folder” as the instructions state is nonsense.

    XP recreates the .ini scenery file each time it loads.

    What exact structure and placement of the KMSY files are suggested by Vertical Sim to get the scenery to actually work and load and show the new KMSY airport??

  27. Avatar

    Mathew T. (verified owner)

  28. Avatar

    Seth R. (verified owner)

  29. Avatar

    Sky P. (verified owner)

    Beautiful scenery!

  30. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  31. Avatar

    William McDonald (verified owner)

    This airport has been needed for a long time, the others aren’t even close to this in workmanship.

  32. Avatar

    joe (verified owner)

  33. Avatar

    Everything Aviation (verified owner)

    Yeah, I’d like a big mac with a large fry and a large mango pineapple smoothie please… I have a coupon.

  34. Avatar

    Robert D. (verified owner)

    unable to display

  35. Avatar

    Gabriel Hernandez (verified owner)

    I mean, this airport is just AMAZING! Another great one and just pure amazment!

  36. Avatar

    Ryan (verified owner)

    The product does not seem to work in X-Plane version 11.41.

  37. Avatar

    Scott Hunter (verified owner)

    Scenery looks great, however there are some opportunities for improvement. For example, the jetway for gate B14 when not attached swings far away and into the parking area of the gate to the left. Also the word “Procedures” is misspelled on the sign near the threshold of runway 20.

  38. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great value!

  39. Avatar

    Tim Rosander (verified owner)

  40. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this scenery! Definitely the best one I have purchased by far. The amount of detail put into this is amazing!!!

  41. Avatar

    Patrick F. (verified owner)

  42. Avatar

    Terris Carter (verified owner)

    Can you fix the Jetways in KMSY. They extend too far past the aircraft. Otherwise it would be a 5!

  43. Avatar

    Zack W. (verified owner)

  44. Avatar

    Trevor Lucca (verified owner)

    The entrance area does not look good and the jetways didn’t not bend they are straight

  45. Avatar

    Matthew Zagoren (verified owner)

  46. Avatar

    Kris H. (verified owner)

    Nice airport. -1 star for not bundling all the required libs as part of the installation, but the end result is super.

  47. Avatar

    Chad G. (verified owner)

  48. Avatar

    Gab A. (verified owner)

  49. Avatar

    Evan F. (verified owner)

    Very nice scenery, took forever to download even thouugh i have high speed internet

  50. Avatar

    Michael H. (verified owner)

  51. Avatar

    stein husbands (verified owner)

    Im disappointed, that after paying for this scenery and downloading that it was ready to go, with freeware I would expect these types of issues…but definitely not with payware… After dropping the file into Custom Scenery once in xplane11 nothing is there.

  52. Avatar

    Alex S. (verified owner)


  53. Avatar

    Micah V. (verified owner)

    Can’t get over how good this scenery looks!

  54. Avatar

    Thiago (verified owner)

    Thanks for the update guys!

  55. Avatar

    Luis E Lugo (verified owner)


  56. Avatar

    Jason Sheller (verified owner)

  57. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Airport

  58. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  59. Avatar

    robert valerioti (verified owner)

  60. Avatar

    Roman (verified owner)

    Frames drop quite a bit, textures appear a little blurry and there’s a lack of liveliness. It appears almost sterile.

  61. Avatar

    Michael O. (verified owner)

    Truly amazing work as always here, vStates got me into VerticalSims work, but nothing so far has disappointed, this included!

  62. Avatar

    John Jamison (verified owner)

    Great stuff, thanks for your work! Maybe do KIAH sometime? 🙂

  63. Avatar

    Andy Tucker (verified owner)

    Really nice airport! Could you do something like this in KBNA?

  64. Avatar

    Isaac (verified owner)

  65. Avatar

    Nikita Huttenlocher (verified owner)

    It double ordered! I only wanted one!

  66. Avatar

    Thomas (verified owner)

  67. Robert Nix

    Robert Nix (verified owner)

  68. Avatar

    Alex M. (verified owner)

    Finally a worthy rendition for this great destination

  69. Terris Bynum

    Terris Bynum (verified owner)

  70. Avatar

    aj domingo (verified owner)

  71. Avatar

    Mike R. (verified owner)

  72. Avatar

    Michael S. (verified owner)

    Excellent work as usual! Love it.

  73. Avatar

    Christian (verified owner)

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