[XP] KCID – Eastern Iowa Airport Cedar Rapids V1.4

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OWNERS OF VERSION 1 CAN LOOK AT THEIR MY ACCOUNT PAGE TO DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE customers will receive the update shortly (keep checking your order page:
They may PM on my Facebook page or discord with an order number and email so I can verify and will be sent a link!
Eastern Iowa Airport V1.1 (IATA: CID, ICAO: KCID, FAA LID: CID) is a commercial airport in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States, on Wright Brothers Boulevard on the south edge of town, about two miles west of Interstate 380. CID covers 3,288 acres (1,331 ha).
The airport in recent years has been served almost entirely by regional jets, however this is beginning to change. Delta now offers Boeing 717 flights to Atlanta and United to Denver on Airbus 320s and Boeing 738s. The airport sees five airlines with non-stop flights to fourteen airports.
Airport Features:
  • Taxiroutes for WT3 and X-Life
  • Full autogate support (with additional marshallers at cargo pads)
  • Baked ambient occlusion textures
  • Accurately modeled airport buildings based off 2017 model
  • Hand color matched and enhanced 4k satellite imagery
  • Moving ground vehicles (with Groundtraffic plugin)
  • PBR on many buildings and ground textures
  • Good FPS on Low-to-high systems

New Update Version 1.1 Features:


-Original orthos to be more realistic

-Textures to be more realistic (added more “depth”)


-Missing decal

New features:

-Added grass around airport perimeter

-Added dead corn stocks in the fields

-Added AS9 Radar

-Updated ground textures and PBR on them

-T-marking on cargo ramp now used for DHL 737’s (verified by personnel who works at CID)

-Updated: more optimization

Downtown Cedar Rapids will be added in V1.2!!

24 reviews for [XP] KCID – Eastern Iowa Airport Cedar Rapids V1.4

  1. Avatar

    simulationflyer (verified owner)

    Beautiful airport the scenery is just stunning as with all Vertical Simulations airports. FPS is excellent and works great with world traffic 3. Highly recommend.

  2. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Avatar

    Joe (verified owner)

    Beautiful scenery and easy on frame rate!

  5. Avatar

    Gary (verified owner)

  6. Avatar

    Everything Aviation (verified owner)

    He is an entrepreneur and a superior being to us all. We will all be assimilated. Resistance is futile. One of us. One of us.

  7. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice rendering of KCID!

  8. Avatar

    Stephen S. (verified owner)


  9. Avatar

    Julio Sosa (verified owner)

  10. Avatar

    Joe (verified owner)

    Good work!

  11. Avatar

    Darrin Fischer (verified owner)

    Amazing scenery! Also, I am impressed with the fact VerticalSiulations continues to update their existing scenery to make it better and they provide these improvements to their existing customers at no additional cost. Great customer service!!

  12. Avatar

    Sathyajith Arachchige (verified owner)

    Great scenery as expected

  13. Avatar

    Leale Jackson (verified owner)

  14. Avatar

    Roger Hatcher (verified owner)

    This rendering of the KCID airport is outstanding. Being a resident of this area for 40+ years, I have flown into and out of this airport countless times on both business and vacation travel and use this as the home airport for my flight sim activities. My rating for the airport portion of this is definitely 5 stars. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the downtown Cedar Rapids portion. The buildings are good, but there are problems with their placement. The larger structures are floating above the ground and some are placed such that they interfere with streets and highways, especially Interstate 380. I checked to make sure that I have the default XP11 terrain mesh and don’t see any instructions with this custom scenery that would affect this. So, I am looking forward with hope that these downtown issues will be corrected with future updates. I still applaud the overall package and will probably try removing the downtown folder from the contents that I placed in the Custom Scenery folder for now because the airport alone is well worth the price.

  15. Avatar

    Jeremy (verified owner)

  16. Avatar

    Richard (verified owner)

    Great company gave me a refund for wrong simulation purchase.

  17. Avatar

    Brandon Banks (verified owner)

  18. Avatar

    Swapnesh (verified owner)

  19. Avatar

    robert valerioti (verified owner)

  20. Avatar

    Ramachandra (verified owner)

  21. Avatar

    Paul (verified owner)

    I had problems with this scenery – some of the grass was very dark, almost black. This is the only issue I have had with any of my VS purchases. I contacted the developer and he quickly explained that some form of mesh was needed. He provided several solutions including free downloads from his own content and in the end gave me a lite solution. Excellent customer support.

  22. Avatar

    John Calhoun (verified owner)

    I go to cedar Rapids every summer for flight lessons. This airport is a perfect rendition of the airport in real-life. All the details are shown like the roof at the garage, the green building off of rwy27, and the Cedar Rapids flight school with parking lot. The night lighting and PBR textures looks phenomenal. This is like a 30 dollar airport but -only costs 6. Its amazing!!!

  23. Avatar

    Alex M. (verified owner)

    As all your other work always appreciate the love for detail

  24. Avatar

    Patrick Mussotte (verified owner)

    If you can find a better bargain than these sceneries, call me!

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