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5 reviews for Discover the Northeast Pack

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    Russ (verified owner)

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    Cho (verified owner)

    I love your airports, especially your prices. I just have a minor complaint.

    There’s a performance issue at Baltimore Washington (KBWI) where FPS is very unstable when you are landing/departing. When I was landing yesterday, FPS went as low as 15 when I got right above the runway threshold.

    It doesn’t happen with any of your airport sceneries I own, which also include KMSY and KHOU.

    Please fix.



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    Roman (verified owner)

    Nice collection of less frequented airports ideal for some regional ops. The airports are great yet miss a little bit more detail and liveliness for that 5th star. Overall, totally worth it however 🙂

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    Thomas (verified owner)

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    Paul (verified owner)

    The inly issue I have is that I didn’t know that VS had their own website. Certainly the best place to buy their product from!

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