KORF – Norfolk Intl. V1.4

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Norfolk Intl. is located 3 miles away from downtown Norfolk, Virginia. Allegiant, American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest and United offer convenient access to hundreds of cities worldwide. A variety of retail, dining and service amenities are provided to meet travelers’ needs.

As of 2017, Norfolk International was ranked as the 70th-busiest airport in the United States and the fourth-busiest in Virginia in terms of passengers served annually.

Norfolk features gorgeous approaches from all angles, 3 being “over-the-water” approaches that bring a challenge. A unique terminal design with fully modeled 3D garages all having proper lighting.

Features list:

-Professional grade orthography that caters to all Ortho4XP sources and has a custom water mask.

-PBR lighting/taxiways.

-Newly introduced cargo equipment.

-Taxiroutes for WT3 and X-Life.

-2019 airport layout.

-11 different custom streetlights.

-Custom edge lights/apron lights/cargo flood light generators.

-Custom ground vehicles.

-High quality HD trees.

-Airport traffic (using groundtraffic plugin).

-Full SAM support (with additional marshallers at cargo pads).

-Easy install .exe (for windows users)

27 reviews for KORF – Norfolk Intl. V1.4

  1. David (verified owner)

    Looks Great only some minor issues to iron out

  2. HARRY P. (verified owner)

    I live close to KORF. This airport & near-by scenery is very accurate. Great scenery for only $18. I have WT3 but have not figured out how to put aircraft at the freight & passenger gates.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly detailed and an excellent rendition of KORF. I live in Virginia and have flown into and out of KORF for a long time and I know how it should be; this package captures it well. Because of the very high detail, you may experience a frame rate drop and you may need to reduce your rendering options but still it is an excellent scenery package.

  4. John M. (verified owner)

    Loving the work you do, how quick you produce great products that we customers want.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Roger Lewis (verified owner)

    Looks great! Well Done.

  7. John Johnson (verified owner)

    Unfortunately Korf is missing a library so it gives errors in X Plane(no jetways)

  8. Chris (verified owner)

    My experience with VerticalSims was really horny

  9. youl lee (verified owner)

    I didn’t install it yet. But previous purchase was satisfied and also discount for KORF was a good chance! 🙂
    and I’m waiting for the next scenery from you. TPA!

  10. Giovanni luca Baldazzi (verified owner)

  11. philippe brachet (verified owner)

    I like your sceneries a lot.
    But I am a little bit upset because now, the price is 50% off and of course, after I bought it. And it was the same with KCID and KCRP. I wanted to buy KISP but I will wait, it will probably be discounted !

  12. Eugene Emond (verified owner)

    Easy website to use

  13. chris (verified owner)

    Nice product overall, as usual from this team. I would have liked to see some building textures be more crisp and have the ortho underlay imagery extend much further. As the transition from ortho to the default scenery is poor. I do not have Ortho4XP successfully working.

  14. Elias T. (verified owner)

    Doing great. So says Fredw1.

  15. John (verified owner)

    Outstanding scenery well done all

  16. Michael C. (verified owner)

    Some of the very best pay and freeware airports around. Absolutely gorgeous and you can’t beat the price. You can’t go wrong with any of the scenery and I own them all!

  17. Gianna Quarello (verified owner)

    These are some of X-plane’s best airports! Thanks for creating such beautiful scenery for very affordable prices

  18. Julio Sosa (verified owner)

  19. stein husbands (verified owner)

    There was a problem loading the scenery package: CustomScenery/KORF – Norfolk Intl – VSV1.4 The scenery may not look correct. This error message pops up with no scenery. ????

  20. Ethan (verified owner)

  21. Frank P. (verified owner)

    Pretty decent scenery. The colors seem to be somewhat subdued but the detail is very good. A great deal for the price.

  22. Jeremy (verified owner)

  23. William McDonald (verified owner)

    Another major airport I couldn’t find to complete Virginia which has a number of very well done airports but not this one until now.

  24. joe (verified owner)

    Very beautiful scenery!! Thanks

  25. Neil Roberts (verified owner)

  26. Jose (verified owner)


  27. Robert Bursey (verified owner)

    Cant wait for KBDL!!! 🙂

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