[MFS] KORF – Norfolk International Airport

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Announcing Norfolk for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

This is a non-direct port from the X-Plane version and most of the objects, materials, and lighting had to be completely rebuilt from scratch to take advantage of the sims fascinating new features!
  • As of 2017, Norfolk International was ranked as the 70th-busiest airport in the United States and the fourth-busiest in Virginia in terms of passengers served annually. Norfolk features gorgeous approaches from all angles, 3 being over-the-water approaches that bring a challenge.  Located 3 miles away from downtown Norfolk, Virginia. Allegiant, American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest and United offer convenient access to hundreds of cities worldwide.


  • HDR lighting matching real world photographs (generators running on the cargo pad for example)
  • 2020 airport layout
  • Many different hand-crafted objects and details specifically made via visual research
  • Cleanup of the Norfolk airport grounds (removed trees, fixed water on the end of RWY23, etc.)
  • Ground clutter with proper decaling
  • Proper airport data (PAPI light positioning, taxi-pathing, etc.)
  • HD buildings and objects with PBR
  • Free support and upgrades for updates (especially when new jetways are able to be brought over)
  • LCACs base full of LCACs
  • Rebuild of ground material framework taking advantage of PBR

11 reviews for [MFS] KORF – Norfolk International Airport

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    Anthony Sullivan (verified owner)

  2. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent as is all of VerticalSims scenery. As a long time X-plane user of their scenery, I’m happy to see the quality come over to MSFS. One request Vertical, please consider creating KRDU, I can supply all the detailed pics you need.

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    Scott (verified owner)

    Amazing quality airport up to Vertical Sims usual standards.

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    Martin S. (verified owner)

    Another excellent product from VerticalSim!! KORF joins KPCM in my MSFS stable. Hope they keep MSFS stuff coming at a rapid pace. I had all of VerticalSim’s XP11 scenery & I will purchase every MSFS they release. Top notch craftsmanship at very reasonable prices.

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    John Bartlett (verified owner)

    Great new design on the website. Always an easy purchase for me!!

  6. Avatar

    Tom S. (verified owner)

    Great Add-on and super easy to buy and installi

  7. Avatar

    Chris Longo (verified owner)

    As always, top notch!

  8. Avatar

    Arman Kirakosyan (verified owner)

    Always proper work from Verticalsims!

  9. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    As always with VerticalSimulations the quality and detail is outstanding! And for such a low price, great to see you in the MSFS world, look forward to more Airports/sceneries

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    JacoJb LLudwig (verified owner)

    My name is Jacob Ludwig. My account won’t let me correct it.

  11. Avatar

    Steve F. (verified owner)

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