[MFS] KGSP – Greensville-Spartanburg
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Greenville–Spartanburg International Airport (KGSP)

Is near Greer, South Carolina, midway between Greenville and Spartanburg, the major cities of the Upstate region.

The airport is the second-busiest airport in South Carolina, after Charleston International Airport with about 2.61 million passengers in 2019.


  • PBR lighting/taxiways.
  • 2020 airport layout (with exception to the new cargo ramp as more imagery is waiting to be obtained)
  • Many different hand-crafted objects
  • Ground clutter
  • Proper airport data/logic (PAPI light positioning, AI taxipathing, etc.)
  • HD buildings
  • PBR Custom jetways
  • Custom mesh work
  • HDR night lighting


  • Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020
  • Windows, Mac or Linux
  • 600MB Free Space

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KGSP V1.1 – 10/23/2020
-Fixed hole in jetway when extended
-Fixed white static vehicles
-Fixed appearing trees
-Graded mesh a little better
-Sent to MFS Marketplace[/split_line_heading]

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