Corpus terminal done

By February 13, 20192 Comments


  • Avatar Jmando says:

    Very nice and clean and uhh yeah NOICE!

  • Avatar Nerfbulletz says:

    After a few weeks in the hospital after retinal replacement surgery, I am finally able to post a review. This airport was so amazing it figuratively and literally melted my eyes out of their sockets with its awesomeness and bad-assery. Imagine looking directly at the sun for hours without blinking, that is the closest thing you can experience next to one of Vertical Simulations Airports. It is simply too much awesomeness for a mere mortal to gaze upon. I booted it up and after almost melting my GPU with seer epic-ness, I began to feel light headed. As I began to lose consciousness from awesomeness overload, I heard the faint cry of an American Bald Eagle, as it reached out from the sim and clutched me with its talons and set me gently down on the ground. Had it not been for the eagle I would have suffered a much more severe injury.

    Job well done!

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