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FAQ - Common Issues

Common Issues are displayed down below. Please try one of the methods described below if you receive any of the following errors/issues.

“My jetways are straight at MSY”

After installing MSY, and the SAM plugin. If you experience straight jetways, re-launch the sim one more time. This is an issue with the SAM plugin itself and that’s the only way to solve it.

I get an error message along the lines of “Xplane Cannot load the scenery”

Users will receive this issue if they do not have the SAM plugin installed at the following airports:


SAM plugin may be downloaded here:

Otherwise, make sure you are not missing any objects in the scenery itself. If that is the issue, re download the scenery and try installing again.

“The jetway will not connect to my aircraft”

This is an issue present with SAM at KORF, KPVD, KMSY, and KGEG; to remedy this, make sure your AUTO selection is on in your SAM plugin. Otherwise, it maybe a scenery issue you can report to me.

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